A small group of Developers who enjoy making stuff

Our Projects

Claim the Unknown

A multiplayer open-world strategy game for Android. The players see each others in realtime, they can design houses and place them on the map, connect them with streets and let workers work on them. Ressources are generated at mines and transported to fabrications, workers eat & sleep and get children.

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Eine Anwendung, um sich den Stundenplan des VLG auf seinem Handy anzuschauen. Benachrichtigungen ├╝ber neue Vertretungen sind unterst├╝zt.

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About Us

Who are we?

Alexander "PapaTutuWawa"

Alex is addicted to clean code, Docker and the shell, making him the perfect DevOps for our team. He is responsible for reviewing, deploying and maintaining our backend services; he also writes tools and maintains the website.

Jonas "Jonasdoubleyou"

He lives and breathes JavaScript; sometimes even TypeScript. When he is not working on the backend services, the frontend or other projects, he spends his time helping others on StackOverflow.

Niklas "Baackfisch"

Niklas is a never ending spring of new ideas, although most of them can't be realized. He is the founder of "Jahon" and the inventor of "Claim". He also codes, designs and authors content.

Oscar "Ostylk"

Frontend developer


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